We’ve put together a short list of our most frequently asked questions. This list is not meant to be extensive, but rather to answer general questions. If you have any specific questions regarding your project that has not been answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why is your site not in Turkish?

Our intention is not to cater to domestic markets, rather, our focus is production and sales on an international scale.

Do you manufacture all moulds in-house?

No. At the moment, there are some production stages which we cannot complete on our own.
We outsource them to sub-suppliers, but keep a watchful eye over the process from the very beginning to its completion.

Why not base your headquarters in a fancier building?

We believe it is not necessary. All incurred costs will naturally be reflected in the product prices. Instead, we have opted to adhere to the principle of selling quality at an affordable price. That’s why we offer our experience and expertise at your service rather than wasting our energy on fancy buildings.

How is mouldERA different than its competitors?

From the very beginning, we have set ourselves the goal of building tools that are optimally tailored to the application of our customers. In order to successfully cope with this challenge, it is important for us to listen and be a part of the project every step of the way. It is because of our courage to innovate that repeatedly allows us to find solutions that go beyond the standards of mould making or mechanical engineering. In summary, we offer engineering solutions that are simply more than just welding or milling.

What do you need to prepare an offer including design?

A simple sketch, an example image or a rough drawing is enough for us. Once you mention the critical measurements, and provide some information about its usage, our designer will start creating the design.

What do you need to prepare an offer excluding design?

  •  2D technical drawing for critical measures
  •  3D data
  •  The desired material (i.e. PE, PP etc.)
  •  The target delivery date

Which data formats can you process?

If possible, 3D data of the component should be provided in one of the following formats:


Additional 2D data, preferably as PDF or TIF.

When will I get my individual offer?

It will differ depending on the complexity of your project. Usually, it lasts around 2 working days but won’t exceed 5.

How long does it take to produce the mould?

It depends on the mould’s material, size, complexity and how busy we are at any given time. We’ve fabricated simple non-complex moulds in a couple of weeks, to very complex moulds in about two month. It’s always best to contact us to discuss your requirements at the time.

Can I send an existing mould to you for repair or revision?

This answer is neither black nor white. It requires an evaluation at an independent level. For this reason, please contact us regarding these requirements.

Can I view the mould design data?

Yes, if required, we can provide you with the mould design data.

Will I get the mould design data?

Yes, we’ll deliver it in a CD along with the mould.

Can my series toolmaker contact you?

Yes, once permitted by you, anyone is welcome to contact us to give or ask for information.

Can I come by for part sampling and have a look at the mould?

With pleasure! You can of course experience your mould in action if you wish via an appointment.  

Which mould sizes can you manufacture?

With our own 3 CNC milling machines, we are able to manufacture parts up to 2000 X 800 X 700 mm (xyz). However, there are next to no borders, for we’re subcontracting the milling works of blocks beyond these sizes. On the other hand, there are almost no restrictions in sizes for sheet metal moulds.

Can you help me to design new articles?

For a new project, we are happy to clarify feasibility possibilities in advance. We can actualize these implementations according to your specifications.

Is It Possible To Meet Up To Discuss My Project Before Commencement?

In principle, yes, an open discussion often highlights any areas of concern and gives us a full understanding of your requirements and quality expectations. We kindly remind you to keep in mind that we are based in Turkey and travel arrangements will be required.

Will you ask me to change my design?

Not necessarily, but we will review your 3D model and will highlight any areas that are unsuitable for rotomolding in your part design. We’ll bring this to your attention for you to correct your design and build more quality into your part before tool manufacturing begins.

Can you offer measurement data?

Yes. We work with a Quality Engineering Office with CMM capability which can be discussed at the quoting stage.

Are there any consultants available to discuss our needs regarding rotational molding?

Yes. There is a highly regarded and very knowledgeable independent consultant who serves the worldwide rotational moulding community.