Cast Steel Toggle Clamps

Model No: MEK-2035

Definition: Horizontal – Weldable – Heavy Duty – Manual – Latch Type Toggle Clamps

Material: Body frame & lever arm are made of cast steel.

Application: Especially for parting line clamping of medium/large rotational mouldings.

Make: Pull-back clamps are manufactured by mouldERA.

Design: Designed to be as durable as the the mould’s service life.

Features: Simple structure makes it easy to operate and ensures a firmly clamp.

Endurance: Able to withstand severe conditions and hot temperatures in tough industrial environments.

Fastening: Attached to the steel frame of the mould by welding.

Catcher: Due to its shape, the catcher can also be used to open the mould.

Delivery Content: All latch clamps are delivered complete with catcher.

Laser Engraving: Optionally, the handles can be provided with laser marking (e.g. logo).

Notice: Dimensions and technical information can be changed without prior notice.