We look forward to receiving your inquiries.

Along with your RFQ, we kindly request you to provide us with answers to the following list of points which we deem essential to administering our very best service to you.
Your answers will assure us that we are meeting your expectations, as well as preserving both parties from time-consuming and ineffectual correspondences.

We will contact you once your details are reviewed in a timely manner. After which, information regarding the feasibility of your request will be aptly provided.

1.   Deadlines (for quotation, prototypes, samples, moulds or machines)

2.  3D data and/or technical drawings of the rotomolding part.

3.  Description of the part (function, working conditions, etc.)

4.  Definition of the critical places and measures of the part (if available)

5.  Preferred raw material of the part (PE, XPE, PP, PA, etc.)

6.  Material of the mould (cast aluminium, machined aluminium, mild sheet metal, stainless sheet metal)

7.  Surface finish ( sand blasting, shot peening, polishing, coating /mat or glossy finish)

8.  Definition of the visual / cosmetic places of the part * (if available)

9.  At which arm of the machine is the mould to be screwed on? (straight, L, C)

10. How is the mould to be unloaded? With an overhead crane or a scissor lift table? **

11.  How many parts per year will be rotomolded with that mould? ***

12.  Is a mould frame desired?

13.  Is a cooling jig desired?

14.  Is a cutting / drilling jig desired?

15.  Are there any special requests?

16.  Preferred means of transportation? (air, truck, vessel)

17.  Terms of delivery? (Incoterms EXW, DAP, etc.)

18.  Expected price range

* Necessary for the determination of the parting line.
** Necessary for the direction of the clamps.
*** Necessary for the calculation of the maintenance interval in the user manual.