Transparent Pricing

MouldERA Turkey is committed to providing quality products at a fair price. Beyond that, it is imperative that our customers receive as much information as possible about the details of their request. Furthermore, our rapport and communication with our clients enables us to accumulate data for a more accurate benchmark price.

While creating our price offer, we are in favour of sharing as much information as possible with our customers. In this way, the customer not only gets an idea of the details, but also accumulates data for a more accurate benchmarking..


Why are our prices more affordable than others?

There are multiple reasons for this.

Your money goes further in Turkey,

As a result of the contrast of currencies between the lira and the dollar, a client will find that their money affords them advantages due to the exchange rate. This means you get better results for the amount of money you invest. In short, more bang for your buck!

Low Cost Strategy

  • Forget expensive sales teams, and ridiculous sales offers! We provide advice effectively over the phone and through email.
  • We have next to no advertising expenses and we do not participate in costly fairs.
  • We do not run our business from glitzy buildings or parade ourselves as something we are not.

We have time for complex projects.

Therefore, we forego the price tag that comes along with the use of complicated tools or machines.


The flexibility of our profit margin allows us to put the clients first by offering them the price they deserve without worrying about profit loss.

Our clients are worth it!

Each and every client is important to us. We maintain our promise of high quality value for a great price. Our client-focused mindset places you right at the center, and all that is done is only for your benefit. All we hope to gain in return is a satisfied client, loyal client service, and the chance of working again with you in the future.

… because price and performance are decisive.