Project Management

MouldERA Turkey acknowledges the challenges that procuring a mould from abroad may entail. This process often requires additionally allotted effort and double the consideration. We are well aware of how hindrances such as

the lack of communication or misunderstanding that may arise as a result of distance and cultural variances. Accordingly, in order to circumvent the potential effects of these variables, we stress the great importance of providing transparent and accurate project management. It is crucial that our clients are with us every step of the way. In doing so, our clients can observe, measure, and monitor every milestone surpassed and all progress performed on the project.

Time Table

At the outset, clients will receive a detailed Gantt Charts in which every step of the process is tracked, and where deadlines are indicated.

Weekly Report

Clients are to receive a detailed weekly Progress Report including explanations and photographs. This report affords the client a means of comparing the current progress with their own personal timetable. In doing so, the client gains a clear overview of any delays encountered or highlights that the project remains on its anticipated course.


Our clients may contact us with ease through their preferred channel of communication via mobile phone, whatsapp, email and skype. We are only as far as a phone call away.