About Us

Who We Are?

Our team consists of qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable industry professionals in the field of international marketing, design, mould manufacturing, and series production within the rotomolding sector. We offer in each requested design an individually tailored experience to our customers. For 20 years, we have immersed ourselves in the culture of the automotive industry. In doing so, we’ve acquired a great sense of discipline and commitment to excellence. We aim to manufacture your moulds, jigs, or relevant machinery with nothing short of these standards and even beyond your expectations.

As our company introduction clearly states, “had we not believed that we could do better…we would have never set off on this journey.”



Why We Hit This Road?

Manufacturers in Turkey and especially in Bursa, are known for their innovation and ingenuity in the automotive (as subcontractors) as well as rotomolding sectors. Our prominence in our work is what differentiates us and has catapulted us onto the international stage. Unfortunately, many companies do not succeed in this endeavour. In turn, their presence in the world market is lost and their export rates fall far below their capacity.

Our aim is to enable both our own manufacturing company and some elected rotomolding mould and machine fabricators in Bursa to reach broader markets abroad.


What Is Our Goal?

Our objective is to be a standing example for rotomolding companies through our expert knowledge, extensive range of products, precise craftsmanship, flexibility, and fast response times.

Why choose us?

We have dealt with car, bus, truck, tractor and boat makers. Indicating our experience with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

We apply a feasibility study to each and every single mould.

At your preferred facility (or facilities), we offer a test run service to try out your requested product.

What Do We Promise?

Handling all aspects of your request with the utmost professionalism and competence.

Adhering to our values of transparency from quote to shipment and beyond.

A smooth process from start to finish.

Making decisions as quickly and proficiently as possible.

The freedom of communicating in German or English as preferred.

The opportunity of providing a test run at your specified location of business. Be it in Germany, Europe, or any other corner of the globe.

Affordable costs due to our unique pricing strategy.